physical child mistreatment, psychology homework help

Step1: Read the article.Here’s some help.

The first part of the article will give you an idea of why the researchers are doing their study.

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The second part of the article (The Method) will tell you how the researchers conducted the study.Some articles have multiple methods

The third part of the article (The Results) will tell you what the researchers found.There are a lot of statistics.Rather than reading this section, look at the figures.The figures are most helpful.

The fourth part of the article (The Discussion) will summarize the results and discuss the implications of the research.

Step 2: Write a summary of the article in your own words. Be sure to discuss the a) purpose of the study, b) the methods, c) the results, and d) the discussion. It should be obvious that you read the article, not just the abstract. The summary should be 5-6 sentences long. Plagiarized papers will result in a zero and judicial action.

Step 3: Write a reflection about the article. Why is this research important? This reflection should be 5-6 sentences long.

Step 4: Be sure to complete the reflection portion.

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