PART I – develop an essay to address the following information:Reflect on the mission, vision, values, and goals of your healthcare organization and provide examples of how individual employees, departments, and work units support all four of these as a foundation for directional strategies.Describe positive and negative aspects of abandoning traditional healthcare strategic planning processes and adopting a contemporary approach.How does complexity influence budget strategies and their implementation? Give examples.Discuss the process of external and internal environmental analyses, and then speculate on scenarios that may result if these steps in strategic planning are omitted or are not done well.Discuss mechanisms that nurse manager can use to ensure they make the best decisions for supporting the financial goals of the organization.PART II – develop a Business PlanIdentify an opportunity for implementing a new service or a cost-reducing idea in your organization and write a business plan to describe your idea: explain the need (why) for it, identify stakeholders (who) will be impacted, discuss the benefits versus the disadvantages, describe the costs/expenses for the idea, and outline the implementation plan.

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