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The education of the family members and the patient commences at the point when they make the first contact with the healthcare providers the major objective of healthcare education is to ensure that both the patient and their family members, as well as the member in the community, are in a very good condition to be able to achieve the best state of health through their own intervention. Additionally, another major objective of the health providers is to change the behaviour of the patient and the family members as well as improving the health status of the patients.The best way the health care providers use to come up with the educational programs that best fit the patients and the parent is through conducting an assessment of the need and the patient before coming up with the teaching method that will benefit everyone. When conducting the assessment they also look at the ability of each and every individual involved from the parent to the rest of the people. Additionally, they set a goal that is specific achievable and time-bound and conduct a constant assessment to see if these objectives are met. Whenever they are coming up with the goal they consider the availability of the family members, their willingness and the level in which they are involved with the care for the patient to give the right education for the situation. Additionally when coming up with the goals they develop goal that is measurable and easy to achieve (Issel, & Wells, 2017).Additionally, when coming up with the educational programme the health care providers uses data from the previous programs and has also engaged in interviews with the families and parent to find out how effective the programs were. This follow up strategy has helped in getting the area that they went wrong and they improve on them thereafter.

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