Please help with homework week 4 assignment 1

Massage and Other Touch TherapiesMassage and other touch therapies are probably some of the most recognizable and utilized CAM treatments used in contemporary society.Considering the above statement and your understanding on the basis of your readings this week, answer the following questions:Compare and contrast between reflexology and massage techniques.Although reflexology and massage are distinct healing modalities, how is reflexology similar in principle to massage?Does mainstream medicine fully accept all of reflexology’s tenets when contrasted with the current views of anatomy? Why or why not?Has reflexology been demonstrated to facilitate the healing process and provide relief to those suffering from anxiety and pain? If so, what mechanisms can be identified?How much of a role does the mere presence of human contact play in the effectiveness of manual therapies in your review of this topic?How do you think are osteopathy and chiropractic similar in the way they evolved and used in the later part of the nineteenth century?Why did the osteopathic and chiropractic professions evolve so differently?In this day and age, would you describe osteopathy as more alternative or conventional? Explain.In this day and age, would you describe chiropractic as more alternative or conventional? Explain.

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