Political Science Reflection Paper, writing homework help

Please write a 5 page Reaction paper using the instruction guideline attached for you.

The assignment is very simple and the 6 hour due date is only for a draft copy to show my prof in 6 hours, not the final copy due date. After you give me the draft in 6 hours, I will be giving you 3 more days to keep revising and give me the final copy until Saturday.

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Style is APA.

Sources that must be used:

-Course Textbook:http://lavraiedemocratie.fr/IMG/pdf/bernard_manin_…

-My class notes from 5 lectures: I will attach them is word doc.

-Any other secondary Sources from scholarly site, peer-reviewed article or books

All 3 types o sources must be used and correctly cited

Please cite the class notes and reference them exactly as described in the instruction manual that I have attached for you.

Please do not bid if your price is outside the price range.

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