Power Point Presentation *******Follow Directions******

Resources:Strategic Plan Presentation Grading CriteriaNow that you have completed your review of theStevens District Hospital Strategic Planning Scenario, you have been asked to provide a presentation to the governing board of the hospital. This board is comprised of the president of the hospital, four business leaders from the community, and three leaders of the medical staff.Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that summarizes your analysis and goals created. Your presentation should:Provide an overview of the market.State the mission and vision for Stevens District Hospital.Provide the SWOT analysis.Summarize the goals created for Stevens District Hospital.Explain the rationale for goals created.Describe itemized resources that may be needed.Explain how the strategic plan provides focus and direction for Stevens District Hospital.Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. Include a title page, detailed speaker notes, and a references page.If you use resources outside of the information provided in the assignment, be sure to cite your references using correct APA formatting.Submit your assignment.

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