Professional Boundary, Ethical Issues, And Concerns For Therapists Using Social Media

This is an on going assignment. In the attachment’s there is a Introduction and Background to the study of social media challenges for therapists. The paper needs to be continued the next step is the statement of the problem.Write Statement of the Problem: Give the reader sufficient information about the work you are proposing, the societal problem you are investigating, and about the way you plan your research. Provides insights and perspectives for why the study should be conducted.The statement of the problem describes the societal situation and establishes the parameters for the problem that the doctoral candidate will address in the upcoming weeks. The study will be qualitative and it will be lead by a survey of therapists to see how many use social media, if they have standards, how they deal with friend requests, ext.Submit paper which includes the Statement of the Problem. Paper should be 2 to 3 pages in length.The beginning of the assignment is posted in the attachments.

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