Project: Method Section (5-6 pages)

Method Section (5-6 pages)For Week 8, you write the “Method Section” of your Project dealing with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory (attached is the original paper with research questions). Consider research methodologies and designs appropriate to solve your research problem. Then decide which research paradigm, i.e., qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methodology, you plan to use in your study. In addition, describe your strategies for data collection and analysis. Below are key areas you need to address to complete the Methods Section. (Attached is a more depth explanation: READ ATTACHMENT PLEASE)Participants (1 pages):Procedures (1 pages): Procedures For Recruitment, Participation, and Data Collection (students      collecting their own data)Measures/Instrumentation (2 pages): Instrumentation and      Operationalization of ConstructsData Analysis Plan (1 pages)Following the APA format and the Final Project Template, prepare the “Method Section” that describes the methodology used to test your hypotheses. This should include (a) participants, (b) procedures, (c) measures and/or instruments, and (d) data analysis plan..

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