ps124 discussion

In this final Discussion, consider how the knowledge of psychology applies to your career and how it applies to your health and wellness. Knowledge of psychology can be helpful in many different areas of your life. Psychology is a science that allows us to study ourselves. Learning ways to stay healthy can help all of us as students and professionals.Choose one motivational theory that makes the most sense to you (i.e., Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, drive-reduction, instincts, self-efficacy, social motives). Explain what the theory states about motivation and provide an example for why you agree with it.Discuss some ways that you experience stress, and share how you can use psychology to increase your health and well-being.Describe an activity that you find intrinsically motivating and absorbing. For example, you might love playing video games, reading, cooking, or engaging in some other type of hobby. What are your experiences like when you engage in this activity? Does the concept of flow apply to your experience of this activity?

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