Psy 640 Age 16-25

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapters 5 and 6 in the textbook and the required articles for this week, and view the IQ: A history of deceit video.For your initial post, you will present at least two viewpoints debating professional approaches to assessment used in psychology for your assigned age group. Please see the list below for your assigned age group. In addition to the required reading, research a minimum of one peer-reviewed article from the Ashford University Library on ability testing research at is pertains to your assigned age group.In your initial post, you mustBriefly compare and discuss at least two theories of intelligence and the contemporary assessment measures related to those theories.Analyze challenges related to assessing individuals in your assigned age group and describe any special ethical and sociocultural issues which must be considered.Analyze and provide evidence from validation studies supporting and opposing the use of specific instruments with your assigned population.Present the pros and cons of individual versus group assessment of ability.Summarize the implications of labelling and mislabeling individuals in your assigned age group as a result of testing and assessment.Last name begins withA through E: Preschool-aged children through age 7F through J: Children ages 7 through 16K through O: Adolescents and young adults ages 16 through 25P through T: Adults ages 26 through 60U through Z: Adults age 61 and older

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