PSY Questions – Understanding the Opioid Epidemic – NEED DONE TODAY!

DOES NOT HAVE TO BE IN EASSY FORM – LOOK AT VIDEO(YOUTUBE LINK) TO ANSWER QUESTIONSDirections:  The opioid epidemic has a grip on our society.  It is important to understand the crisis from multiple perspectives.  Most of the questions below can be answered by watching the video; others are for consideration after you watch the video.View video at  According to Michael’s parents, why are most people ignorant to the effects of opioids?2.  The majority of opioid-related deaths comes from which painkillers?3.  According to the video, what do physicians tend to underestimate with respect to opioid painkillers?  What do they tend to overestimate?4.  How many pain pills was Michael prescribed over a 1-month period for his Crohn’s Disease?5.  According to the video, what were the two factors that triggered the dramatic increase in opioid prescriptions?6.  Which insurance company targeted top opioid prescribers?  What are those top prescribers called?7.  In addition to medication, what did the video highlight as other potential components of a successful pain management program?8.  According to the video, fewer than 12% of people with opioid addiction receive treatment.  Why?9.  What was your reaction to hearing some of the stories from the middle school students from Oceana, WV?  Do you think the story of Oceana is similar to that of other towns, or is it an anomaly?10.  In the video, the blame for the opioid addiction epidemic is placed mostly on physicians and pharmaceutical companies.  To what extent should the patients themselves be responsible?  Why?

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