Psy: Teaching and Learning

Write a three to five-page essay is which you explain how two forms of diversity (e.g., cultural/linguistic, and intellectual) are impacting the American educational system.The essay must be typed, double spaced, with one-inch margins all around. There is no need for an abstract, a cover sheet, or even your name.Some general guidelines for writing the essay: Start with an introductory paragraph in which you explicitly state your thesis. Then describe the country’s changing demographic landscape appropriately citing the sources of that information.Next outline the tenets of Cultural Pluralism (Author, year) and then introduce James Banks (year), the father of Multicultural Education (MCE). In enough detail describe some of his ideas and his four approaches to MCE.  Acknowledge any criticisms or short comings these ideas while appropriately citing the source(s) an in-text citation (Author, year) and a reference in APA format.Now describe how you as a future teacher would approach two forms of diversity in your classroom. Choose one of James Banks’ four approaches to construct a piece of instruction for the age or grade level you plan to teach.  Specifically, name the age or grade you plan to teach.Broadly outline some instructional strategies (supported by evidence and appropriately cited) that educators might use to help build awareness, sensitivity to diversity issues as well as empowerment and respect for diversity among your students.

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