psych literature

This week’s assignment is a culmination of work completed in Week 4 and Week 6. More specifically, you will be creating an abstract and introduction for this research.Introduction: What is it?As with any type of writing, the introduction has a number of responsibilities. Initially and globally, it needs to capture the attention of your reader so that the reader feels invested in taking the time to read what you have compiled. More specifically, the introduction must sufficiently “set up” the paper. Further suggestions for the introduction are noted below:·  Provide background information so that your reader has enough “knowledge” to understand what will be discussed in the paper.·  Provide a general overview of what will be discussed in the paper.·  Provide information on how your paper will advance new knowledge, new insights, etc.·  Provide a clear and complete purpose statement or hypothesis. The determination between purpose statement and hypothesis is dependent upon the type of research you are doing. When actually conducting a research investigation, as you will likely do later in your program, you would include your hypothesis/hypotheses. For the purpose of this assignment, either will be acceptable (i.e., as long as it has been appropriately introduced).Abstract: What is it?Unlike the introduction that provides a preview of what will be discussed, the abstract summarizes the key points that are discussed within the paper narrative. As such, the abstract is typically the last thing you would construct. It is necessary to include summative information on the key points regarding purpose, methods, scope, results, conclusions, and recommendations.RequirementsDrawing upon the research you completed in Week 4 and Week 6, you are to write an introduction and an abstract. There is no need to obtain new research.When crafting the introduction, take the position that you would be writing the actual research paper. In this way, the introduction will adequately prepare the reader for what would be discussed if you were also completing the entire research paper.The abstract and introduction should be submitted as a Word document and include the following: (a) title page, (b) abstract (1-page), (c) introduction (2 pages), and (c) reference list.

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