Psycho-pharmacology, paper help (7-10 page)

In a 7–10 page scholarly research paper:

  • Determine the mental health disorder(s) in the following case study.
  • Select and explain your pharmacotherapy approach.
  • Describe how your treatment approach will alter brain chemistry and influence behavior.
  • Determine the anticipated side effects of the pharmacotherapy.
  • Describe how you will manage drug side effects.
  • Describe how the use of over-the-counter and illicit drugs could affect treatment.
  • Describe any ethical, legal, socio-cultural, and individual considerations.

The Case Study

Ms. A. is a 28-year-old married executive who comes to you (the psychology professional) complaining of “nervousness” and difficulty sleeping. She has been taking over-the-counter medication to help her sleep. Ms. A. is in good health and is well groomed, although she appears very fatigued. She reports that problems have developed over the past three months, following her husband’s last business trip. She reports that she has been worrying constantly that her husband will “leave her.” Ms. A.’s symptoms include: irritability, fatigue, an inner sense of restlessness, a 15-pound weight loss over the past 3 months, and loss of libido and sleep disturbance (restless sleep and early-morning awakening). Ms. A. shares that her interpersonal relationships are usually very intense and that she always feels “empty” even when she is in a relationship. Ms. A. also admits to using “street drugs” in her early 20’s but denies using any illicit drugs for the last five (5) years.

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