1) PSY-101 is required by almost every undergraduate program.  Why do you think this is?  In other words, how can an education in psychology help you?  Do you believe that developing an understanding of psychology will make a difference in your life?  Why?  (200 WORDS)2) Why do you think it’s important to have a general understanding of research methods and the scientific approach to answering questions?  Why can’t we just rely on our intuition or the advice of friends and family when trying to understand human thought and behavior?  Please provide some examples of how non-scientific decision-making can lead to mistakes. (200 WORDS)3) What do you find to be the most fascinating aspect of our nervous system (e.g., its divisions, the brain and its evolution, neurons, neurotransmitters)?  Why?  Please be specific and elaborate on your thinking (200 WORDS)4) Sensation refers to an actual event (i.e., activation of sensory receptors); perception refers to how our brains interpret the event using our past experience and expectations. What are some individual and/or cultural differences that might affect how someone perceives particular sensations?  In other words, how can people PERCEIVE the same exact SENSATION in different ways?  Please create a post using examples from your own experiences.    (200 WORDS)5) Of the states of consciousness we learn about (e.g., sleep, intoxication, meditative, hypnotic) which did you find to be the most fascinating?  Why?  Please be specific.  How can you take what you’ve learned this week to better understand your own issues or concerns with this state of consciousness? (200 WORDS)

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