Psychology Applied Paper

“The Cultural Other”Research the history and traditions of a culture that is of special interest to you. You may research the arts, musical traditions, literature, significant historical events, and religions of your chosen culture.Armed with this background, create a portfolio of an invented person from that culture. The result will be a case study.Decide on the age, gender, socioeconomic class, family situation, and community role of the individual, as well as a personal crisis the individual has involving culture.Write up the case study. Include a key historical event that has some influence on the case.Here is the grading rubric for this assignment:Grading Rubric for APPLIED FINAL PROJECT: “THE CULTURAL OTHER”543210WeightTotalCONTENT1. All topics are discussed in clear detail and are relevant to the assignment and courseX32. Author supports assertions correctlyX23. Ideas are interrelated coherently and logicallyX24. Author creatively enhances the topicX3Professional Presentation5. Project contains an appropriate degree of formality where requiredX16. Text develops and elaborates on main ideasX27. Final product is neat and attractiveX1WRITING MECHANICS AND STYLE8. Paper is free of mechanical errors (e.g., misspellings, typos, punctuation errors)X29. Paper is grammatically sound (with proper sentence structure)X310. Paper is submitted per instructions, on time, and in appropriate formatX1Points awardedBehaviors demonstrated5Paper contains no errors in this area.4Paper contains limited errors in this area; however, the overall presentation of the material is readable and appropriate.3Paper contains multiple errors in this area; however, the overall presentation of the material is acceptable.2Paper contains a number of errors in this area and the overall presentation is difficult to read.1Paper contains numerous errors in this area, which detracts from the presentation.0Not present.

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