Psychology quest wk

Answer the 9 questions below that all pertain to psychology. Each question should have at least 250 words. Each question should pertain to the question and answered as a psychologist. References should also be provided.DUE THURSDAY 4/6/17Assume you have been called as an expert witness in a court proceeding. What considerations or limitations does the APA Ethics Code place upon you in terms of what you may disclose as part of your testimony? What potential challenges might this present to your professional relationship with your client?2.Why do you believe the security of confidential therapy and health records is important to the ethical practice of psychology? What is the role of HIPAA in regards to the confidentiality of records?Ch 93.What expectations does the APA Ethics Code require of researchers? What types of activities does the code specifically prohibit? Do you agree with the prohibitions? Why or why not?4.What would the reaction of an individual be if their mental health records were disclosed?  I know what reaction I have seen from people who perceive their information has been released (even if not) but this personal account by this journalist is telling.   in her link she does not tell her particular diagnosis, but does speak to the destructive stigma of mental illness Notes below to help with question.5.If a psychologist works in facilitating appropriate care for an individual with a mental illness it may involve a number of other people besides this individual (e.g., family members, law enforcement agents, government workers, hospital staff, other mental health professionals, etc.).  What are some of the issues in the video and the standards that they need to consider?6. How can we Apply ethical standards for maintaining, disseminating, and disposing confidential records.7.Evaluate the ethical considerations of expert testimony as they relate to preserving the rights of the client.8. APA 2002 Ethics, Amphibology, and the Release of Psychological Test Records: A Counter perspective to ErardWhat are some Challenges presented by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 regulations; Criticism of the Ethical Standard 9.04; Substantial harm to clients, the community and the profession of psychology9. Is A Death of One’s Own Ethical? See the transcript below to help with this question.

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