Psychology research methods M4

My research question is “Medias influence on body image” 

Bellow is my references for module 1 and my paper so you can refer to the material components I wrote about…

Turn in the proposed methods section for your research paper as well as your introduction and literature review.

The introduction and literature review should address your research question: why it is important, and how prior research does or does not support your hypothesis, as well as providing a background on what we know about this topic.

Please refer to the material on the components of a research paper provided in Module 1 as you work on this document.

Your methods section, in addition to covering the subheadings of participants, instruments, and procedure, must include a fourth subheading called ethical issues and note any ethical issues that need to be considered, as well as how they would be handled.

Be sure to include a title/cover page and a reference page formatted in APA style.

paper must be 2 pages long

References and paper to help with this assignment review carefully

Media’s influence on body image is terrorizing for many people, the media says we need to look a certain way to be beautiful, when in reality that’s not the case. Celebrity bodies the media says were supposed to have don’t even have those perfect bodies, the pictures are all edited to look perfect and people automatically start to believe they need to be a size 0 to be beautiful. The effect of experimental manipulations of the thin beauty ideal, as portrayed in the mass media, on female and male body image is making people have eating disorders as well as mental problems because mentally they feel they need to look like what they see on television.

Research has determined that the thin ideal body image portrayed in the media is very harmful and when women are exposed to images of these “perfect women” it makes them feel depressed, shame, insecurity, and body dissatisfaction. This is all unnecessary, men and women suffer from this, being so thin is not necessarily a good thing like the media says it is, it isn’t healthy and will result in serious damage to the body and disease if the body is malnourished.

This article is based on a master’s thesis that was written by the author in partial fulfillment of the MA requirement at the University of Kansas. Authors in the field of eating disorders have suggested that increasing preferences for women with thin body shapes may be related to recent increases in the prevalence of eating-related issues they have. “Using a social comparison theory paradigm, this study looked at the impact of exposure to slides of thin, average, and oversize models on the self-evaluations of 162 women exhibiting varying levels of self-reported bulimic symptoms”. Exposure to thin models was also related to lower self-evaluations in the level of bulimic symptoms these women endured. However, women have reported a much greater sense of pressure and peer pressure to be thin coming from the media.

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