psychology writing assignment.

I need a two to three page essay that talks about the two articles attached files section following the next steps.(((((((((((((THERE ARE FILES ATTACHED TO THIS QUESTION, THERE YOU WILL FIND THE ORIGINAL DETAILED!!!! INSTRUCTIONS))))))))((((((((((((I HAVE ALSO GIVEN YOU THE TWO FULL ARTICLE THAT YOU NEED TO USE FOR THIS ESSAY))))))))(((((((((( I WILL BE USING THE “””TURN IT IN””” SERVICE SO PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR PLAGIARISM SO WE DON’T HAVE TO START OVER AGAIN)))))))THANK YOU.Use the following outline to write your paper:1. Summarize the peer-reviewed article.o Identify the research hypothesis, the variables, the design of the study, and the outcome.o Explain whether and how the outcome of the study supports the research hypothesis.o Did the design of the study support causal conclusions? Why or why not?2. Summarize the popular press article.o State what the popular press article says about what the research can tell us.o The popular press article may or may not use causal language. Note any statements, phrases, or conclusions that imply one thing causes another.3. Evaluate whether the popular press article provided an accurate report of the original research.o Compare the original peer-reviewed article about the research and the popular press article in terms of whether they implied a causal relationship between the variables that were studied.o Describe whether, and in what way(s), the conclusions in the popular press article may go beyond what the research study can really tell us.o Suggest and explain a possible third variable that might account for the finding that videogame playing is associated with creativity .Formatting and guidelines:• The final paper must be:o 2-3 double-spaced pages long (at least 2 but not more than 3 pages, excluding your name, title, other identifying information and references),o Size 12 Times New Roman font with 1” margins top, bottom, and on the sides of each page• Use your own words – paraphrase carefully (i.e., state in your own words) the authors’ ideas.o Copying others words without referencing them is plagiarism, and is unacceptable. When you talk about something that another person wrote (even if you say it in your own words), you need to cite them using their last name and the year of publication in parentheses (saying et al. if there are >3 authors). For example: Jackson et al. (2011) hypothesized that…o Your lab instructor can help you if you have questions about plagiarism or citing authors.o You are allowed no more than 2 quotes in the entire paper. Any quote must indicate the source (or who said the quote). A quote should not be longer than 1 sentence.• Make sure your main argument is clearly identified. Give concrete examples.o Make sure each paragraph makes a clear point. Often it is a good idea to start with a sentence that says what you are trying to conclude, and then use the rest of the paragraph to provide your evidence or reasoning for why you are drawing that conclusion.o Make sure the ordering of points from paragraph to paragraph is logical, and that it all connects in a way that would make sense to someone else who did not know what the assignment was, and had not read the two articles.• Proper spelling, grammar, style, and writing quality are all very important.o Be sure to read through your paper from beginning to end after you write it to check the spelling and grammar as well as the writing style.o Then, be sure you have followed APA (American Psychological Association) style for how to write a paper. Information on APA style can be found at Purdue Owl. You do not need a  PSY2012 S19 Writing Assignment 1 / p. 3 separate title page or abstract for this paper, but you do need an additional page for citing your references. Your name, paper title, and any other identifying information, as well as the references at the end, do not count toward the 2-3 page required assignment length.On the files I attached I have given you the ((((((((GRADING RUBRIC))))))) so you can make sure you hit the mark on every aspect up this paper.ALSO i have given you the ((((COMPLETE ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONS))))) from the teacher ((((( PLEASE READ THEM))))).

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