PYSC 325 AMU ****DUE 9PM Sunday-July 24th EST*******

This assignment is designed to facilitate timely completion of the Week 7 Course Paper.  Your first step in completing it is selecting one of the topics below.Prader-Willi SyndromeNarcolepsyKorsakoff’s SyndromeSchizophreniaHuntington’s DiseaseParkinson’s DiseaseBalint’s SyndromeTurner’s SyndromeKlinefelter’s SyndromeTourette’s SyndromeYour Paper Preparation Assignment submission will include the following:A title page in APA formatThe below subheadings with required content placed under each:Topic: Two to three substantial and thorough paragraphs explaining key concepts of the topic area you selected.Thesis Statement: A thesis statement describes the central focus of your paper.Annotated Bibliography: For this paper, in addition to using the course textbook, you will need to use articles in academic journals as sources. Articles in these journals are reviewed by an editorial team. They must not have been published more than 5 years ago. Other books and popular press sources such as magazines, news outlets, encyclopedias, .com websites, blogs, etc. are not permitted.The purpose of the Annotated Bibliography is to assist you in developing research analysis skills including critical thinking, writing, and literature research skills. The Annotated Bibliography should include the following information for each source:An APA formatted listing of each article with an accompanying paragraph or two desribing key points covered in the article (e.g. rationale for a study conducted by the article author[s]; the study’s findings; finding limitations; etc.).Use this website to assist you with the correct APA format and to see annotated bibliography examples and samples.

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