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I do believe that it is possible for individuals to flourish while others connected to them don’t. This brings to my mind a basketball team. Kobe Bryant is a perfect example of this taking place. Kobe played twenty years for the Los Angeles Lakers. At one point, Kobe flourished while his team didn’t. Kobe won scoring titles and most valuable player awards while his team either missed the playoffs or made a first-round exit. He accumulated many individual honors while his team suffered by not winning championships. In the workplace, someone can be a part of a team. This team is only as strong as its weakest link. If one member fails to show up to perform their duties, the rest of the team suffers. The rest of the team must pick up the slack and thus they don’t complete all their daily tasks. This added pressure prevents the team from flourishing. We shouldn’t limit any rights to individuals because that one individual could be influencing the rest of the team to work harder to see results. If this individual flourished, then they should be rewarded and vice versa. If the team sees another team member receiving incentives for a job well done, or being reprimanded for failing, then this will influence the rest of the team to act more like the individual so they too can receive benefits or even consequence. I am involved with a team like this in my workplace. Individuals are rewarded and scolded when necessary. Everyone tries to go that extra step so it makes the work experience that much more enjoyable. A system of rewards and punishments will thrust every team member to be better and they will practice being better at their jobs.

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