Question for sociology

Imagine that you are interested in conducting research in one of the following areas:

Family relationships; Poverty; Education; Military; Popular Music; Facebook

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Using Figure 2.3 of your textbook (page 59) as a guide, explain the details of a sociological study that you would like to conduct in this area. Be sure to include:

The question you would like to investigate (see page 45).

The hypothesis you would like to test. Or if you would not use a hypothesis, explain why.

What research method you would use and why.

If appropriate, what your dependent and independent variables would be. (And if you would like an extra challenge: explain how you would operationalize these variables.)

What your population and sample would be.

Please use (and cite) as many ideas from Chapter 2 as are relevant to your proposed study.

I will upload the book chapter later.


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