Questions about anthropology

Questions about anthropology

Essay Questions:  Essay responses should be at least 3-4 paragraphs long. Please include examples from the course texts, and the course modules in your responses. 

1. What does an anthropologist mean by “culture”? How is culture adaptive?  How may culture be maladaptive?  Why is it important to understand that culture can be both adaptive and maladaptive? Is there a shared, unique American culture? Within your response please distinguish between multiculturalism and assimilation. Please provide examples to support your response. 

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2. Discuss how anthropologists view the opportunities, as well as challenges, associated with globalization. How may globalization affect cultural diversity? Please support your answer with examples from the course and course readings.

3. What is the public-private distinction in terms of gender? In what kinds of societies is it more pronounced?  Less pronounced (or even nonexistent)?  Is the subordination of women universal? Please use examples to support your response.

4. Human societies are becoming increasingly urban. What are (or will be) some of the effects of increased urbanization? Where are these effects most pronounced? Using the characteristics of anthropology, give a few examples of contributions that anthropologists can make to urban planning?

5. List and describe the different forms of marriage found in human societies. Please choose one of the forms, and discuss how this form of marriage “makes sense” (i.e., is adaptive) using specific examples from the course or course readings.

Short Answer:  Please respond to the following short answer questions. Responses should be at 1-2 paragraphs long. 

1. Describe the concepts of ethnocentrism and cultural relativism. Please give one example of each.

2.What does the still common practice of a wife assuming her husband’s family name indicate about mainstream American kin practices

3. Discuss the major similarities and differences between nuclear families, extended families, and descent groups (e.g., lineages and clans).

4. Describe the ethnographic method. What are its advantages to anthropological research?

5. What kinds of work would applied anthropologists pursue? Provide one example. What aspects of anthropology make it uniquely valuable in application to social problems?

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