Real Time system

  1. We have been assuming in chapter 3 that preemption incurs no over head. Let us now relax this assumption. Consider a 2 task system. Preemption overhead is x. Given e1 , e2 , P1 , P2 , obtain the maximum value of x for which the two tasks are RM schedulable. Note: e1, e2 are execution times. P1, P2 are periods.

2.      Draw a state machine model of the control software for a simple VCR (Video player). State clearly all the assumptions, and features of your VCR.3.      A periodic process must be executed once in every period of the process. A system is schedulable if all the processes can be scheduled as defined. Suppose our system has six processes with periods 35, 200, 250, 105, 60, 300 msec each. These six processes require 5, 20, 25, 15, 12 and ‘x’ msec of CPU time, respectively. What is the largest value of ‘x’ for which the system is RM schedulable? Show calculations and the RM schedule time line.

  1. Explain Priority Ceiling protocol and compare it with Priority inheritance protocol. Explain how Transitive Blocking and Dead lock are prevented by this protocol. Explain a simple Elevator Control algorithm in this context- how priority inversion or solution are applied.


  1. What criteria are needed to determine the size of the run-time stack in a multiple interrupt system? What safety precautions are necessary?





  1. For a collision warning system, find three good requirements and three bad requirements and write them as IEEE 830 compliant requirements.


  1. This is problem 5.13 from your text book. You can use any Free UML tool (see the list on the moodle or Visio software tool) You need to draw a UML diagram for a system.

Consider a hospital’s patient monitoring system. Each patient is connected to machines monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, and EKG. These machines issue a Boolean signal indicating a FAIL or WORKING condition. The results of each of these machined are ORed together to form a signal called ALARM. The ALARM signals for each of the rooms (one patient per room) are then ORed together and sent to the nurse’s station. If any machine on any patient indicates a failure, the emergency alarm is sounded and the nurse is directed to the appropriate patient and machine. Draw a data flow diagram/ UML diagram for such a system.

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