reflective postscript insights on your Commentary topic, English homework help

In a brief reflective postscript, please answer the following questions as they relate to your writing process throughout the Commentary essay:

  • What new insights have you gained on your Commentary topic throughout the process of drafting, researching, and revising? Did your point of view change at all? If so, how or why?
  • You began to conduct and incorporate academic research during the writing and planning of your Commentary essay. How well-prepared do you feel about conducting academic research? Please elaborate on your response.
  • How might you contribute to the public conversation about your Commentary topic now that you have invested so much time writing and researching about it? Are there any public forums or conversations to which you might contribute your writing or ideas?
  • Did you incorporate changes into your final essay based on your peers’ feedback? If so, please describe the types of changes you made and why you made them. If you did not incorporate changes, please explain why.
  • Did reviewing the work of your classmates help you to understand other points of view? Please explain how or why.
  • Did reviewing the work of your classmates provide you with additional writing strategies? Please explain how or why.

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