Remove all risks of plagiarism by including quotation marks , Research Project Part III help

Write two reviews, one that evaluates Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser and one that evaluates your rough draft from Lesson 2 (see attached). Then revise your draft and turn it in as a finished essay. Each review must be 250 to 500 words, while your finished essay must be 700 to 1,000 words.

Both reviews should begin with a paragraph that objectively summarizes the content of the text: in Review 1, the overall topic and purpose of Fast Food Nation, and in Review 2, the overall topic and conclusions that you arrived at in the rough draft of your research essay.

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Come up with one criterion (for example, support or organization) that applies to both your own essay and Fast Food Nation. In Review 1, evaluate Fast Food Nation based on this criterion. Your review may be positive, negative, or something in between. Provide at least one example from the book that supports your opinion about how well the author fulfilled your chosen criterion, which you may quote or paraphrase. In Review 2, evaluate your rough draft by the same standard, and also provide at least one example.

Take a second look at Cynthia Crossen’s review of Fast Food Nation as a helpful example.

After you write your reviews, revise the rough draft of your research essay by completing the following tasks:

  1. Remove all risks of plagiarism by including quotation marks where necessary and providing in-text citations that follow MLA guidelines.
  2. Make the style as formal as possible by ensuring precise word choice, and make the tone as objective as possible by presenting information in a straightforward manner. Also weed out errors related to clauses, such as overly complicated sentences.
  3. Ensure that all the sources you use in your essay appear on your works-cited page, and that the entries on the works-cited page follow MLA guidelines.
  4. Check to make sure that every statement in your essay that needs support is backed up with information that you found in your research.

Make sure you take revision seriously, because you will be assessed much more strictly for this version than you were for the rough draft with regard to any errors that fall into the categories above (especially plagiarism).

Your essay should include the following elements:
A review of a single chapter from Fast Food Nation that summarizes it objectively and evaluates it
according to a criterion of your choice
A review of your Lesson 2 essay based on the same criterion; this review should also start with an
objective summary
An essay with all the content required in Lesson 2, including five credible sources and a thesis statement,
but revised to fix any weaknesses you found in your review
A works-cited page that lists all the sources according to MLA guidelines

Ask yourself these questions as you revise:

Do both of my reviews begin with an objective summary that avoids opinionated language?
Do both of my reviews end with an evaluation based on the same criterion (such as use of evidence or
Do I correct problems in my Lesson 2 essay that I pointed out while writing my review? Do I also correct
problems that my teacher identified in this essay? Do I follow all the same requirements from Lesson 2?
Do I avoid plagiarism by quoting, paraphrasing, and citing sources correctly?
Does my works-cited page list all the sources that I cite in my essay? Does it follow MLA guidelines?
Does my essay have a professional style and an objective tone? What about my reviews?

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