Research Methods 20 &21

This is an ongoing research assignment. Please use attachments to complete.Assignment 20Using the articles from your quantitative paper and qualitative paper create a chart to provide a visual graphic of how the variables or criteria both quantitative and qualitative align with the selected theory in response to the research question. Add two studies using a mixed methods approach. Note quantitative data is generally statistical for these purposes and qualitative will describe what is happening. Select those factors that are relevant using both approaches. Restate research question or establish two questions. Articulate the applicability to the chart.Submit chart using points of emphasis above. 1 or 2 pages.On a separate document labeled assignment 21:Submit Mixed Methods Studies Paper: Write a 3-5 page paper using three quantitative, three qualitative, and two mixed methods articles using the chart designed in Activity 16. Refine the chart as needed to reflect the focus of your paper. Include charts, tables, and graphs as an appendix at the end of the paper.The main purpose for this activity is to present an issue via the exploration of clear factors and applicable theory as they relate to your research interest. This academic discourse will allow you to use your critical thinking skills to analyze the different factors and then draw conclusions based on the evidence you present.Prepare a 3-5 page mixed methods paper on your specific topic of interest. Assert your research question and applicable theory. Then present your evidence to best support the point you want to make.   Use the following outline: Provide an introduction (include research question, applicable theory, and introduce the key areas of your study. Assert clear talking points. How the literature is presented should be clear.Present your evidence in a methodical manner as highlighted in your introduction.Provide a discussion of the two perspectives regarding the selected predominate factor and link to the applicable theory based on the articles you presented.  Use both quantitative and qualitative studies. Do not cut and paste from previous papers. This should be a synthesized draft.Finally, draw conclusions based on what you have presented. What recommendations can you make based on the evidence you present?Again, include the chart or table from Activity 16 to reflect the relationship of the factors you have identified to the theory and how they are important. Include the chart or table as an appendix to your paper. Your discussion does not include the cover page, references, or appendices.Submit paper of your discussion using points of emphasis above. 3-5 pages include charts as appendices.

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