Research paper for New testament class / 5 page due in 7 hours

Must be familiar with the Holy Bible and gospels of JesusCan choose from either 3 Titles : Angels in the New Testament, The Holy Spirit in the New Testament or10. Deity of Jesus Christ.sources should be the Bible and one other.The research paper will be graded on the basis of clarity, content, how well one incorporates one’s sources, and the quality of critical thinking one employs. The length of the body of the paper, excluding the bibliography, should be 5-7 pages. The student must follow Turabian or MLA style. It should be typewritten and doubled spaced in Times New Roman (12 point) font with 1 inch margins. The cover page (no folders, please) should include all necessary information (title, student’s name, ID number, class title and number, professor’s name and date). The paper should also reflect grammar, spelling, and style that is appropriate for college level work.

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