Research Paper on Depression and bipolar disorder

Describe Depression and bipolar disorder, along with symptoms, etiology, pervasiveness, etc.Find a minimum of 4 primary sources or journal articles and 4 other sources (total of 8). Use only reliable sources such as the CDC, American Psychological/Psychiatric Assoc. websites. All References MUST be in (APA STYLE) format.Paper specifics:A. 12 point Times New RomanB. No less than 6 pages double spaced-Cover page and references page separateC. Margins must be 1” on all sidesD. Read the present literature (no more than 5 years old) on the disorder you have chosen. Using critical thinking skills, evaluate the information before using it.The research paper must followAPA styleformatguidelines:Please find the link below to the Perdue Owl website that is helpful and provides information regarding the APA style format for your research papers.

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