Research Paper on Freedom of Speech on Facebook

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English 101

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Using a minimum of 6 outside sources, you will now write a 5-6 page, research essay (5 page minimum) that addresses a current (in the news right now) topic. Your topic should be controversial, and your thesis will be an opinion about that controversy. In looking for a research topic, I suggest you check out these websites:

Here are some additional guidelines:

1. You MUST have an approved topic (submitted as research proposal) before moving on to Working Bib and then outline;

2. The research proposal, working bibliography, and outline must be completed before submitting your research paper (research papers won’t be graded until all assignments have been submitted);

2. You need to be adding fresh, new perspective to current controversy; you do not want to recycle old papers;

3. You will want to read my comments on your research proposal, working bibliography, and outline and respond. You can use the submission text box.

You will consult the section on Research in FG AND LSH as you compose your essay, which contains sample research essays, key features of a research essay, and a guide to writing a research essay.

The research essay will include a minimum of 6 sources correctly cited in MLA format including in-text citations and a Works Cited page.

In creating your working bibliography and works cited, you may use to create your citations. They must be accurate and presented in correct format. Here is a sample Works Cited (scroll to bottom of paper for example):

When integrating outside source material into your essay, you will use either summary, paraphrase, and/or direct quotation. Here is information on that:

In addition, you will need to provide in-text citations, or shout-outs, to your sources, so that your readers know where you’re getting the information. This prevents any possible plagiarism (representing ideas as your own when they really belong to someone else). Here is information on that:

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