research project: final paper

This is a final APA Format Research Report should be completed based on the outline I accomplished. In this final paper stage, I have to complete my current cycle through the research process by expanding my annotated outline into a reasonably polished research paper that complies with the form requirements of an APA-style research paper and demonstrates the standards of scholarship and effective argumentation that are practiced throughout the social sciences (the content). This should be an original research paper that aims to answer the research question that I outlined. Documents are attached: assignment instruction details and requirements (file named research project); edit and complete the research paper in this document (file named Wong, Tsun Yuen- SS3A- paper); work should be completed based on the previous outline of the research paper I did (file named Wong, Tsun Yuen-SS3A-Outline)Deadline: 12/2 MondayLength of the paper: 2500-3000 words.Paper format: APA (follow with the APA-style research paper provided in the file named Wong, Tsun Yuen- SS3A- paper)

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