Research the controversy associated with the misdiagnosis of ADHD

ADHD continues to be one of the most overdiagnosed disorders in children despite the fact that in many instances most behaviors associated with ADHD are easily observable. As a result, it is believed that many children are given inappropriate labels and unnecessary medication. Where is the line drawn between a child who is simply more active or exhibits more immature attention control as opposed to related behavior that is diagnosable? Treatment of ADHD typically includes medications, many based on methylphenidate (Ritalin) which are effective, however, believed to be severely misused and overly prescribed.Research the controversy associated with the misdiagnosis of ADHD including the reasons why frequent inappropriate diagnosis occurs. What specific behaviors could be observed that might indicate attention difficulties? What are the long term effects of this misuse of medication? Research the etiology (causes) and theories of ADHD and alternative forms of therapy besides the use of medication. What changes can now be seen in some school districts that have been proven effective in aiding in the behavioral issues caused by attention and hyperactivity symptoms?Provide factual documentation that reinforces your views from at least two peer reviewed sources and include the reference citations within your discussion response using APA format. This assignment must be 750 words (not including the Cover page and Reference page) to meet the minimum requirement.

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