Research Topic and Problem Statement

Research Topic and Problem StatementThis assignment aligns to sections 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, Dissertation Research Plan. You will be able to use the feedback that you receive from this completed assignment to further refine your problem statement during your Residency. Address the following sections in your paper, using the headings provided:Section 1.1: Research Topic (2 paragraphs)State your research topic as you have refined it to this point. Ensure that you address the following elements in Section 1.1:Research Topic: My research topic:  Childhood trauma and substance abuse patience in urban areas.First paragraph:      Describe the specific topic to be studied in a clearly stated paragraph,      including relevant, appropriately focused key concepts.Second paragraph:      Describe the significance of the topic to your program or field (My program is GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY) AND its significance to your program  specialization.3. The Research Topic should be correctly formed:Your research topic should be appropriate for your      specialization.Your research topic should use appropriate language for      key concepts/phenomena.The target population should be named (My target      population will be Adults who are currently in therapy, have finished      therapy within the last 5 years, and who are living/have lived in urban      settings).The concepts should be appropriately focused. (The key concepts utilized in my specialization database were; adults, methadone clinic, drug, alcohol, urban settings, biopsychosocial therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and qualitative phenomenological study)7. Note: You do not need to describe the relationships between or among the concepts for this assignment.Section 1.2: Research Problem (1 paragraph)Write a brief statement that fully describes the problem being addressed. In simplified terms, the research problem should take this form:”The research literature on ________ indicates that we know ________, we know ________, but we do not know ________.”The Research Problem should be correctly stated:· Existing literature and key findings should be summarized.· Gaps or problems in the existing literature should be clearly formulated.· The Research Problem should be explicitly stated, not implied.Section 2.1: Research Problem Background (3 paragraphs)Provide a brief SUMMARY of your review of the research literature on the topic. This should include citations from at least 5 articles, but should indicate that you have performed a review of the literature on the topic. This should be demonstrated by providing a statement about the body of existing literature on the topic, then, summarizing recent research findings on the topic, highlighting the findings that are most relevant to your proposed study, demonstrating how your proposed research could add to the existing literature on the topic. Be sure to provide appropriate in-text citations and include references in the reference section.For this activity, you only need 5 articles, to create your initial foundation.Section 6: References· Provide a reference list for all of the articles cited in this assignment, following current APA formatting.

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