Resource scarcity leads to political conflict in some regions, Writing assignment help

Writing assignment based on Writing workshop

For this assignment you have to write a narrative following the prompt that is provided below. Use the questions from the first workshop (Urdal’s article) and complete two paragraphs (1 page). Essentially you will write the answers sequentially and link the sentences together to present a cohesive understanding of the question, concepts, existing arguments and your own opinion

Prompt: Resource scarcity leads to political conflict in some regions. While cross-national studies do not emphasize this connection, Urdal’s (2008) sub-national study indicates this connection…

To complete this prompt, write two paragraphs following the guidelines below

First paragraph – What is Urdal’s finding that links resource scarcity? Mention some reasons why resource scarcity leads to political conflict. (Question 5 + 6, use proper citation)

Third paragraph – Write your own opinion about resource scarcity and political conflict. You can choose to agree or disagree with Urdal’s agreement. Use examples of recent political conflict to present your opinion.

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