Respecting Your Audience

Our focus this week is understanding and effectively communicating to specific audiences. Using language respectfully in the workplace takes practice, and 1 specific way to demonstrate respectful language is by using gender pronouns correctly. In “Beyond the Binary: Practical Advice for Using Gender Pronouns,” Christy Hall and Conner Suddick say, “Using the correct pronouns is a sign of respect and affirmation. Though this requires a shift in language use, changing language can change culture for the better” (2019, p. 24). This article is a great reminder that word choice precision is very important, and it contributes to how your audience might perceive your message.Select 1 of the following resources and review the material prior to responding to the discussion questions:“Beyond the Binary: Practical Advice for Using Gender Pronouns” from theUniversity LibraryBias-Free Languagepage on the APA Style websiteSocioeconomic Statuspage on the APA Style websiteIntersectionalitypage on the APA Style websiteUsing the resource you selected, respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:When you communicate with others, how do you show respect or active listening?What questions might you ask yourself about your audience as you approach a writing task for work?How are your communication relationships at home and elsewhere similar or different from those at work?What is 1 detail from the resource you selected that you might apply to writing for work, school, or home? Explain your response.Include a reference list at the end of your post that credits the piece you read. Use a citation generator, such as theReference & Citation Generatorin the Center for Writing Excellence, to cite the article in your response. Format your in-text citations (e.g., Adams, 2016, p. 23) and reference list (i.e., list of resources at the end of the document) using APA format. Consult theReferencespage on the APA Style website for assistance. Don’t worry about perfection. If you make a mistake, your faculty member can help, so please let your faculty member know if you have any questions.

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