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The information security policies and also the procedures. This is a four step process: The first one will be to identification and also the valuation of the information assets, the second one this is saying that the identification and also the assessment of the threats to the enterprise and also the information assets, the third one is talking about the identification and also the assessments of the vulnerabilities, then the very last one is saying that the determination of the countermeasure that have been and should be deployed, this will also include the cost-benefits and also the analysis of the feasibility of the implementing and also the countermeasure

I really don’t think that the terrorist threat will ever stop anywhere, because of the fact that they will target everyone and anyone that isn’t in a agreement and this is the way they want to do things. You can also see this kinda stuff on the news in the news papers.

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What I found on the drug trafficking is that the terrorism this will be increasingly begin considered and this is also a very serious threat, this is also to state and also global security. Then the terrorism and also the narcotics trade, this has traditionally been treated as two different and also distinct threats and this is within security discourse. But in the 1990’s the researchers and also the scholars they started to focus on the increasing association and this is between the organized crime also the terrorist organization. Then after the 9/11 attacks, the international community this will increasingly consider illicit drug trade and also terrorism and the two interconnected phenomena. But the major concerns is that the terrorist organization this can make us of drug trafficking networks and even generate funds for their arms and also equipment. But the U.S Department of the State there are fourteen out of thirty-six foreign terrorist organization they are involved in trafficking narcotics.  

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