Discussion reply to the question asked from student’s minimum words count 50 each

1:   With any new technology, it takes time for ethical, social, and political issues to be resolved. One example of a new technology used in business today for storing and sharing knowledge and insights is a wiki. What are the ethical, social, and political issues that might arise from using a wiki? What policies would you put in place at your organization to address these issues?

2: I think it can only impact in positive way. Social media, mobile computing, and Web 2.0 can be used as helpful resources. Social media can be used as a marketing tool, I don’t think it’s a better marketing tool than social media. If one has an established business than earning followers won’t be hard for that business on twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. The benefit for a big business that’s established is that they can keep customers up to date with the business, new ideas, and ask for feedback. With one click, depending on the amount of followers, that message can reach millions and millions of people. It can work for a business that’s just starting out as well but they would of course need other resources as well. One can post different messages letting all customers or potential customers know why they’re company is the best company, why one convert to them, and other reasons why ones company should is the best way to go.  With using the mobile, a small computer is in the palm of one’s hand. 

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3: When talking about mobile computing, I think that it has changed the way businesses run and conduct their day to day activity. For instance, many jobs now have the option to let you work from home some if not most days of the week. Years ago, this was something that was almost never done. Why are we able to do it today? Because of mobile computing. Even in my position in Human Resources, I had a few appointments yesterday and was able to work from home. My email is on my phone, and I have a fax machine and scanner at home, I went to my appointments in the morning, and then went home and did everything at home that I would have been able to do at my office. It is very nice being able to not use your vacation time for things like that, and still get everything done in the day that you would have gotten done in the office.

4:  I completely agree, Mallory. I feel that the question is racial because some people are born with different races including Black, White, Hispanic, and even a mixed race. Taking advantage of who they are going to hire is very wrong in so many levels, and I believe it is against the law as well because it does count against one person trying to get a job that they can do. 

5: One racial group that many people may not think is large is the Native American group. Native Americans went through a lot since the colonization of the states here in America. Native Americans were here before the Europeans, but unfortunately, due to the large weaponry the settlers had, Native Americans had their land taken away from them. They were pushed into non resourceful land and were used for their harvesting skills because Europeans didn’t know how to harvest with the soil here. Many Native Americans also died due to all the diseases brought over when Europeans settled in the new land. Right were taken away from them as well. This group became a significant minority group when people from all over the world migrated to America and over populated the states. Native Americans were forced to live in reservations and didn’t have many resources for their families, low educational resources, and little to no jobs. In the 20th century, Americans began to defend them and fighting for their rights.

6:  I agree and disagree with this statement because I feel as though we should not categorizer no one for no reasons, because when we do put people into a category it does mean we are judging them, and that is not right either. So, that would mean we are being prejudicial, and this can be showing a lot of the discrimination that is towards the different races. We as human beings should not be able to judge no matter what the reasons are. The reason I do agree is because I sometimes think it can be a positive thing to categories a lot of people. I do believe that there is a lot people that try to be like all other people because they think they are better than other’s.

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