review paper about my friend’s paper, political science homework help

my professor told me that i need to write a review of my friend’s paper and that what he said

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For your first peer review assignment , I would like you to write a peer review of Angela’s paper. When it is done, please email your review back to Angela and me both (she is cc’ed in this email). There is no specific word count, but I expect that your review will be comprehensive; in the past, good reviews have run at least 2-5 pages long.

This review is worth up to 5 points.

This assignment is due no later than Tuesday, November 29 (but the sooner you finish the more useful it will be for your classmate and the sooner you’ll be able to move on with your life).

I will email you an assignment for a second peer review sometime within the next week or so; you’ll then have about a week to complete that.

If you would like to write one or two additional reviews, for 3 points of extra credit each, please let me know by email by next week Monday.

Please understand that this is a rough draft. In your review, focus on arguments and large organizational issues. Please do not devote much space in your review to particular grammatical or spelling mistakes, or writing style.

Instead, in your review of this paper, please provide concrete suggestions for how the argument of the paper can be improved. Please begin by restating, in your own words, the research question, hypothesis, independent and dependent variables, units of observation, and findings. What is the specific cause-and-effect relationship that the writer of the paper wants to show? Then, discuss the evidence in the paper in some detail. What specific facts are presented about the cases? What additional kinds of facts would be useful in testing the hypothesis?

here is her paper

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