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Unit Four Assignment – Signature AssignmentStudents will research one of the following court cases: (1) Wyatt vs Stickney, (2) ABA and Medicaid reimbursement case in Florida at the following url; or Google W6yatt vs. Stickney for other resourcesor a (3) litigation summary of ABA and discrete trialsTHE JOURNAL OF SPECIAL EDUCATION VOL. 38/NO. 2/2004/PP. 95–103THE JOURNAL OF SPECIAL EDUCATION VOL. 38/NO. 2/2004/PP. 95–103 – Alternative Formats- PDF (82.2 KB)A brief review (3-5 pages in APA style) to include: The facts and major issues in the case, and any supporting research literature relevant to the case A description of the fundamental ABA/treatment principles/issues inherent in the case/litigation How the case was resolved and its implications for the field of ABA specifically and education/treatment in generalClick on the “Unit Four Assignment – Signature Assignment” link above to submit your assignment, as well as to get more information regarding the due date and grading rubric.

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