Rhetorical Analysis Essay, English homework help

Length 3 pages MLA Style Write a rhetorical analysis essay in which you examine the rhetorical effectiveness of the article by Declan Walsh op-ed ” A Glass Ceiling Now Broken, Is U.S. Ready for a Madam President?’. The New York Times. July 30 2016 Introduction 1. Introduce your topic or subject of analysis 2. Provide context for the argument you are analyzing. 3. State your thesis Body 1. Summary of Argument: Provide a brief summary of the argument to help readers understand analysis. 2. Rhetorical analysis: Develop your thesis by presenting and evaluating the rhetorical strategies used by the writer to appeal to his/her target audience in light of the author’s rhetorical context and purpose. Conclusion 1. Wrap up- your analysis and comment on the significance of the argument. How effective is this text/article as a whole? Why is this argument strong or weak?

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