Scale Creation 3

PSYCHOLOGY ASSIGNMENT600 word is the minimum for this assignment not nothing less.Plagiarism FREEPLEASE SEE ATTACHED NOTES FOR EXAMPLEConstruct Development and Scale Creation1. Create an operational definition of your construct using at least three peer-reviewed journal articles as references.2. Construct and Measure function in the workplace/Working Memory (example task: attendance or pay, or position)3. Use the five items below to sample the domain.Work Performance, Skills/Experience, Male/Female, Age, and Educational Background4. Use as your method of scaling; Working Memory/ Construct and Measure function in the workplace (example task: attendance or pay, or position)5. Justify why you selected the scaling method you did.6. Format the items into an instrument with which you would query respondents.7. Justify whether this is an interview or self-report instrument.USE APA format and PEER PERVIEW articles and REFERENCESNOTES ATTACHED FOR ASSIGNMENT.

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