Second Written Assignment

Address the questions associated with the chosen topic directly applying relevant information learned from the reading assignments. Written responses should equal the number of pages identified with each subject, double spaced. Be sure to reference significant ideas and statistical information. Cite the source of a quotation or statistic (including trends) by putting the author’s last name and page number in parenthesis, i.e. (Benokraitis, page 21). Anecdotes or examples from your own life experience should be brief and only serve to illustrate important concepts from the required reading. Don’t try to cover every concept in the reading; that’s impossible. In your own words describe a few ideas that attracted your interest as you completed the reading assignments. I expect that you will use your very best writing skills using proper grammar and correct spelling. You are also expected to document all sources of information using MLA format. It goes without saying that all work submitted is your work. Plagiarism in any form can result in a no credit for the course.

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·  Discuss how changes in economic and political institutions have contributed to women’s rising status. (See Jackson’s Article “Destined for Equality” Reading 5 in Skolnick.) Also, explain how the opportunities for women have changed through different historical periods. (3 pages)

Attached is the reading from the book Skolnick chapter 3 79-page 86 and this is what the essay is based on and you can also use outside source as well but mostly info from the book. reading 5.pdf 

please cite from pages using the page number with the author and APA please

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