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Click on this link to check out the Baby Geniuses video: (Links to an external site.)Most (if not all) parents want their babies to be super smart. This video shows how some parents have sought help for training their children to be geniuses. Discuss your reaction to this video and include the followingWould you consider this approach in raising your own child? BRIEFLY explain your answer.:  2.   Considering what you learned in your text so far about cognitive development, are the parents in this video on the right track?3.Piaget believed that the child actively seeks out knowledge. Considering what you know of his theory, what would Piaget say about the institute’s approach to fostering learning?4.Vygotsky believed that learning develops best in social situations. What would he say about the parents’ approach to helping their school-aged children acquire new skills?5.How do you think the approach to education shown in this video will impact children’s emotional and social development? BE SPECIFIC!

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