Signs Of Times, social science homework help

The “Sign of the Times” Assignments (SOTT).

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The “Sign of the Times” (SOTT) is like doing a current even. However, this will be relative to sociology and the chapter we are doing that particular week.

Here are some specifics:

  •   You will have a SOTT prepared when prompted in the modules.

  •   The preparation should include finding a periodical on the Internet, copy the URL

    and paste it into a Microsoft Word document, and typing a two to four paragraph synopsis on the same document. The synopsis should summarize the article and explain how the article is relative to sociology and the chapter(s) we are covering that week. Please cite your work according to APA or ASA standards. 

    Use this link to find a periodical: (Links to an external site.)

Here is an example of how the SOTT should look

Student Name SOTT # 1

A woman in Maricopa County Arizona was serving a twenty-seven month prison sentence for prostitution when she was left out in an outdoor, open-air pen as punishment. This woman died from heat related complications that stemmed from second and third degree burns on her hands and face. At the time of autopsy, she had an internal temperature of 104 degrees.

This “punishment” was ambiguously reported as an alternative to using force on an inmate and was called “watch them out” discipline. Supposedly, there was a two-hour maximum limit for an inmate to be inside one of these correction pens. This woman was left there for over four hours on the day that she died. Additionally, reports were indicated that other inmates had been left for even longer periods; none of them had the poor taste to die from their torture and bring to light the inhumane treatment of inmates at this facility. At present, the only punishment for those involved in her death that has been decided is employment termination or suspensions. Those disciplinary actions can be appealed and there has not been a determination if the district attorney’s office will press criminal charges or what those charges might be.

This is related to our poverty class because this woman was a member of the underclass in our society and she was treated this way because the people in charge felt like no one would care about what happened to a prostitute and they could treat her anyway they wanted to. This woman had probably spent most of her life being abused and the cycle continued but was perpetrated by those in the criminal justice system that are suppose to exemplify moral and legal behavior. This woman was tortured to death because of a morality law that most likely ignored the male involved in the prostitution case. 

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