SO 300 Discussion – 200 Or More Words, 2 Sources

Instructions:- Select issues from a daily newspaper about the Corona Virus. Locate the letters to the editor in each.- Read each letter to the editor, and circle all those that make assertions about individuals, societies, and social processes; that is, about the social world.- Identify examples of any of the four errors in reasoning in those letters. (Overgeneralization, Selective or Inaccurate Observation, Illogical Reasoning, & Resistance to Change) (Search through more newspaper issues, if necessary, until you find at least two examples of errors in reasoning about the social world.)Discussion should state:- Present your two “flawed” letters to the editor with an application to the four errors in reasoning.- Propose a solution to resolve the error.- Present a reference for both letters (e.g., Newspaper name and date)

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