SO 300 Research Methods Paper – 2 Pages – APA 7e format


This assignment examines and applies concepts in the Experimental Methods chapter and gives you the opportunity to practice research skills.


Using the guidelines in Chapter 6 design an experiment that could test one of your hypotheses for your research proposal. Then in the format of an APA style essay answer or do the following:

  1. In an APA Style paper, present your responses to the following prompts:
    • Describe your hypothesis, type of experiment and justify why this design is the best for answering this question. Present your independent and dependent variables. Note: a survey is not the same as an experiment. Surveys can present an experiment design BUT there has to be some type of manipulation and at least 2 conditions (experimental and control. We’ll be covering Surveys next week.
    • Describe the “ecology” [the place where it will take place]. Is experiment based around everyday life, a natural experiment, or is it more controlled/ systematic?  If so, what kind of comparison is it? [This section is all about ecological validity]
    • Describe how you will select and assign participants to conditions.
    • Describe how you will protect your experiment’s internal and external validity.
  2. Your paper must be presented in proper APA 7e format.
  3. Your paper should have a cover page, text body section, and a references page (if applicable). An abstract is not necessary – do not put an abstract into your paper.

Book: Making Sense of the Social World Methods of Investigation Sixth Edition Daniel F. Chambliss

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