Social Psychology PSY-328

Rely to these two Dis. ?1.   When it comes to women rarely proposing marriage to a partner you can look at it in the social perspective that it has always been the man throughout the centuries proposing to women. It is the social norm for the man to propose. You can look at it in the Evolutionary perspective that again it has always been the man who proposes first, it was almost looked down upon and thought wrong or weird for a woman to propose. You can also look at if from the social learning perspective of that is how women were taught, was that a man proposes to a woman. Women have grown to watch men propose to women and because of the social norm, they don’t often see women doing the proposing unless it is in a same-sex relationship. Men, over the years, have always seemed to be the ones to take charge and take control and have the first say, so to speak, when it comes to big decisions so when looking at it in the social cognitive perspective women have paid attention and tend to wait for the man to propose first. Over the years though, woman have become stronger and more of a take-charge behavior, so they are beginning to propose more but still not nearly as much as men.2.    I chose to answer the question, why do men typically pay for expenses on a date.  From a sociocultural perspective, which involves behaviors from the group level, historically, men pay for their dates.  If we examine this question from an evolutionary perspective, perhaps we still have instincts that make us want to provide for our mate, so paying for the date would be a natural progression of that. Probably the reason men pay for expenses on a date relates to the social learning perspective, which says that our past experiences determine our social behaviors.  So perhaps our fathers taught us lessons of chivalry or how things were done when he was your age.   The final perspective is the social cognitive perspective. Probably in this approach, we decide which actions will be more beneficial socially, so if we chose to pay the expenses for a date, we might increase our chances of going on a future date.

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