Society has a vast array of belief systems, assignment help

Society has a vast array of belief systems. Inside these are certain constructs that can create rigid beliefs that for some are non negotiable. These beliefs can create an atmosphere of discrimination. We seem to have turned into a society that thinks our beliefs are above all others even though we all have the right to agree or disagree. The concept that a group which has experienced previous discrimination should receive different treatment than another group is obviously wrong and not how our society should operate. This creates an immediate bias which alienates others, and leaves them to question the fairness of our country and what the reasons are behind it. In regards to the Civil Rights Movement, the right for same sex marriages had been seen by many as our modern day equivalent. If you compare this to recent events in racially related incidents in the recent years it can easily be pointed out that the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community was not rioting, looting, or destroying the cities in which it lived to call attention to an issues that our country is struggling with. I believe American’s have given so much attention to “gay rights movement” that it has caused an uproar in Racism because it doesn’t appear to be as significant anymore when in fact it is. I think Americans have forgotten the struggles of the Civil Rights Movement. Today we do not think twice about what we are doing, and not once are we questioned about it. In our history, African Americans had little to no rights and couldn’t go anywhere without being discriminated against.

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