Assignment: Scholar Practitioner Project Assignment: 12-Step Programs and Community resourcesThe value of mutual support groups as a community resource has been widely recognized, and most treatment professionals encourage participation. The most well-known support groups are the 12-step groups. The original 12-step support group, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), was founded in the 1930s. Since then, the 12-step philosophy has been applied to almost every addiction known.For this Assignment, you analyze the role of community resources, including 12-step programs, in supporting addiction recovery. Revisit the media from previous weeks to prepare for the Assignment.Assignment:In a 3 page APA-formatted paper, address the following:o   Create a list of community (Idaho) resources in the community in which you live.o   Describe two individual resources from your list that you might recommend for Marge and two community resources that you might recommend for Marge’s family.o   Explain why those resources might be suitable for supporting Marge’s recovery.o   Explain the stepped approach to 12-step programs and how this relates to the treatment of Marge.o   Explain the role of spirituality in 12-step programs.o   Explain whether you would recommend a 12-step program for Marge and why.References (use 3 or more)Doweiko, H. E. (2015). Concepts of chemical dependency (9th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage.Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (2012). The twelve steps and twelve traditions online. Retrieved from

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