Strachan, Owen, and Douglas Sweeney, annotated bibliography assignment help

Compile an annotated bibliography. Find and choose sources that would build on the information in your second essay. Take your time and find really good sources, because you are going to be asked to use these in essay #3. Find 4 relevant sources. Cite them in MLA format as they would appear in a Works Cited page. Add an explanatory note for each, which should be a medium length paragraph per source.

Find these sources using our library databases.

Pick one source that supports a point you made in essay. Explain how the source supports your original point.

Pick one source that adds a new piece of information to your essay. Explain how this new piece of information would affect your original work.

Choose one source that reveals an inaccuracy in your essay or that challenges your point of view. Explain how you would incorporate this source into your essay.

Choose a quote from one source that would enhance your essay. Explain how you would use the quote in a revised draft of your essay.

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